The best fashion photography career advice you’ll ever get

Photography might be your life, but do you want to make a career out of your fashion photographs? It can be a hard and difficult road if you want to start your photography career. You must be a very great photographer and must have many patients to make your business a success. Here are the best fashion photography career advices you will ever get, if you want to make your business a success.

You must work for the break you wanted

You can’t just walk into a fashion office and tell them that you are a fashion photographer and want to work for them. You must work for what you want and you must make sure that you have lots of experience as a fashion photographer before you can ask for work at a fashion company.

The first thing that you must have is a professional looking portfolio. If you don’t have a portfolio, you can’t say that you are having a career in photography and then you can’t ask for work as a photographer. The best thing to do is to get someone that will be able to allow you to take photos for free, so that you can add it to your portfolio. You will not be able to make lots of money in fashion photography if you don’t have a professional looking portfolio.

Consistency of your work

Besides experience, consistency is very important for a photographer. All your photos that are in your portfolio must look all exceptional. You can’t have very good pictures and not so good pictures on the same page. All your work must provide good consistent work, throughout your portfolio. If a client wants to hire you, they must be sure that you are going to take the best possible fashion photos, no matter what. If your work isn’t consistent, they will be too afraid to hire you for taking their fashion photos.

Create new trends

You don’t want your work to look just like other photographs. You want to have unique photos, every time. If your portfolio will look professional and have new trendy styles, which they never have seen before, you will have a greater change in becoming a successful fashion photographer. You don’t want to have the type of photos that were seen before. Create your own trends and your clients will see that you have the creativity and experience to take good quality photography.

fashion photography

Details is very important

You don’t want boring photos. You want to make sure that every photo you have taken has lots of detail in them. Detail in a good quality photo is very important. You must have a good eye for detail and quality to make it in the fashion photography world.check the site

It can be hard to start a successful career in fashion photography. If you don’t know what you are doing, and don’t have lots of experience in taking fashion photos, you will never make it in this industry. Here only the best lasts and if you have talent in photography, you must be able to let it show through your photos.

How To Make Sure Your Hair Looks Great For A Photoshoot

Whether you’re a professional model or a new mom, a photoshoot is a classic way to capture your current look for family and friends. Because most people aren’t familiar with photography technicalities, it’s easy to look disheveled on camera, especially when it comes to hair. You can read up on hair care and styling tool tips about the best curling wands with reviews by visiting Better Hair Day, for example. However, there are some simple ways to ensure that your hair looks spectacular for that special photoshoot.

Frizzy Areas:

Static electricity is everywhere, making your coiffed hair stand upright. Keep that frizzy hair and flyaway pieces tamed with some hair serum. You don’t need a lot of serum, but simply rub a small amount in your hands. Glide your hands across the top of your hair, moving down slightly to create a polished look. The serum adds weight to the crown of your hair, stopping flyaways from perking up. Avoid excess serum down the length of your hair, however. Your hair will appear greasy and flat.

Colored Hair Concerns:

Not everyone has that perfect hair color. If you have a photoshoot with colored hair, touch up the roots before the big day. You want your hair to look like it has a fresh color job. Any dark roots or gray sections appearing from under an older coloring job will only be highlighted in the photographer’s lights. If you have a natural color, but highlight your hair, make sure the highlights are recent. You don’t want to have wisps of hair appearing like streaks midway down your hair length.

Heat It Up:

You may have straight hair that’s photo-ready, but the camera’s flash and overhead lights make many hairstyles look frizzy. Consider using a heat styling tool, such as a flat iron or curling iron. When you apply heat and some hairspray, your hair is tamed for several hours afterward. It doesn’t look unnatural either. It simply looks normally polished. Don’t apply too much hairspray, however. You don’t want the hair to look shiny, similar to a helmet. Small hairspray spritzes hold the hair without that hard, crackling texture.

Cleanliness Is King:

Wash your hair at least an hour before your photoshoot. If you’re treating oily hair with one of the best shampoos, the freshly washed locks will be easier to style, looking clean and fresh under the lights. The hair should also be dry. Whether you style it yourself or hire a hairdresser, wet hair would need to be air or blow dried. Blow drying hair often damages it, making it better if it’s air dried prior to meeting at the photoshoot.


Loosen Up:

When you pull back your hair into a tight bun or ponytail, the look is too severe for a photoshoot. Your skin appears to be pulled back from your face, creating a pained and unusual look. It’s possible to have hair pulled back, but make it a loose style. Style the hair and pull some tendrils out to the side as you frame the face. Give the secured hair a lift by slightly pulling it out from the hair clip. You’ll see natural hair volume and a more natural style with a loose hairdo.

Attention to your hair is the first step to a great photoshoot. Use a nearby mirror to check yourself right before the camera clicks away. With all the details in place, your hair will shine as brilliantly as your smile.

How To Become a Photographer

For those with an artistic side, those who loathe the 9-to-5 lifestyle, or for those who simply love working with cameras and taking pictures, a career as a professional photographer is something to consider. It’s a field where education is optional if you have natural talent, although it’s also a craft that you can work hard at in order to become technically skilled. It’s a competitive field, so it can sometimes be difficult to find early success, but there are a number of steps you can take to become a professional photographer.

The first step is to have a love for photography. This isn’t a profession that you can succeed if you don’t genuinely enjoy what you’re doing. You have to enjoy having a camera in your hands and want to learn the basics about photography and how to work with your camera. Becoming a professional photographer isn’t about buying an expensive camera; it’s about knowing the basics and being able to take quality photographs with any camera. A fancy camera with all the trimmings isn’t going to make a difference for someone who doesn’t understand the basics of how a camera works, as well as all the gear that comes with it.

Once you’re familiar with the basic principles of photography, go out and start taking pictures. Nearly every job you get as a professional photographer, especially early on, is going to be based on your portfolio, so once your comfortable and confident in your abilities to take a quality photograph, start taking pictures and try to build a portfolio. Even if you’re still a student, or you’re working an unrelated job to support your interest in photography, it’s important to hone your skills by taking photos every single day, because that’s the only way you’re going to get better and put yourself in position to earn a living as a photographer. You don’t have to have planned or professional sessions, just go out into the world and start taking pictures.

When you start to feel yourself improving as a photographer, try offering your services for free. Offer yourself to family and friends to photograph important events or take portraits. You can also post ads offering free photography sessions for aspiring models, engaged couples on a limited budget, or anybody else looking for some kind of publicity or exposure. This will help your portfolio look more professional, give you much-needed experience, and perhaps generate some word of mouth about your photography skills.

Photography Business

If that goes well, then you can start to advertise yourself as a professional photographer and charge a modest rate for your services. If you can, try to focus on one particular brand of photography that interests you. That doesn’t mean you should turn down any job opportunities that might arise, but if you prefer to do portraits, or weddings, or baby photography, or any other kind photography, do everything you can to market yourself as a specialist in that area of photography. At the same time, you can take your portfolio to newspapers, magazines, websites, or anywhere else that offers regular paid work to photographers to see if you can land a full-time job or at least steady freelance work.

If things continue to go well, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a professional photographer. The most important thing to remember is to not get discouraged if you don’t find success quickly. Becoming a professional photographer is something that’s going to take considerable time and hard work, but if photography is something that you love, it’ll be worth it.

Photography Lighting Techniques

One of the most important facets of photography, but one that is often overlooked, is lighting. Even the most experienced photographers can struggle to take a great picture if they don’t have proper lighting, while amateur photographers can look far better than they actually are if they luck into good lighting. Whether you’re a professional or an amateur photographer, here are some lighting techniques that are sure to help you out.

Obviously, the most basic lighting option is the sun, assuming you’re working outdoors. Of course, the sun moves throughout the sky during the course of a day, which means it has different uses depending on the time of day, but it’s also limited according to the time of day. If you can catch it at the right time of day, the sun can be used for front lighting, side lighting, or back lighting. It can also be used as a way to create shadows at the right time of day, and it has the unique ability of creating a variety of colors and light diffusions around sunrise or sun set. Simply put, the sun is a diverse lighting technique that all photographers should take into account when shooting outside.


Of course, the sun is also unreliable, and sometimes you need to place the light where you want it, in which case there are several options. Front lighting is generally taught to amateurs, as it simply puts the light behind the photographer with the light emanating over their shoulder. This is best for simple photographs, but this lighting technique fails to add any detail or depth to the picture, so it’s not always a desirable technique.

A better technique to try is side lighting, which is best for when you wish to add texture to your photograph. Light being parallel to the subject helps to make the shadows more obvious. It also brings out more detail and makes objects appear more three-dimensional than when the light is shining directly at them. Since side lighting is better at creating shadows, this technique is best when photographing in black and white. It’s also wise to use it with any subject with a noticeable texture, as it will help accentuate that texture in the photograph.

Another simple lighting technique is backlighting, which is when the light is directly facing the camera. This technique often requires using a flash, or for more advance photographers, reflectors can be used to brighten up the subject. Of course, you can choose to not use a flash or reflector with backlighting in order to create a silhouette effect.

A more advanced lighting technique is the use of fluorescent lighting. Used primarily indoors, fluorescent lighting makes rooms brighter than they would be with other types of lighting. This helps give your photographs more detail by removing areas that may have had shadows in it with other types of light. However, when photographing people, fluorescent lighting can cause their eyes to appear darker, so unless this is the desired effect, this type of lighting technique may not be wise for portraits.

Photography Lighting

Finally, there is the difficulty of taking photographs outdoors at night. The best time to take night photographs is right before dusk when there’s at least some natural light. Otherwise, you must rely on neon signs, streetlights, or light emanating from nearby buildings. This can be tricky, but it often creates unique photographs, especially when you photograph immediately after a rainstorm, as the little light there is reflects nicely off wet surfaces.

When taking photographs, it’s essential that you take into account where the light is coming from that will illuminate your subject. If you choose to use artificial light, there are a variety of lighting techniques you can use to get the most out of your photographs, and knowing which is the proper lighting technique will make your photographs the best they can be.

Photography Set Design

A photography set design is determined by various scenarios that affect the features in the set. These scenarios include:

  • Fashion photo shoots
  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Movie photo shoots
  • Family photo shoots
  • Regular photo shoots

A photography set design has to have particular items for it to be complete. These parts of the photography set design include:

  • The camera. It is important to connect the camera to the studio lights in order for the camera to capture enough lighting. A connection can be established through a sync cable if the SLR has a PC pocket. One can also use wireless triggers which serve the same purpose as the cable. To create a controlled environment it is advisable to switch the camera to manual mode in order to make proper adjustments to suit the preferred design.
  • The hair light. This is the second light that is usually positioned behind the model being photographed. A hair light must have a snoot attached to it. The snoot concentrates the light onto the hair creating a clear image of the model’s hair. It also creates a distinct separation from the background.
  • The reflector. When working with two lights, a reflector is very important. It is useful as it acts as a third light. Its function as a third light occurs when the reflector bounces one of the existing lights back at the subject. This creates a well lit environment that will provide clear images.
  • The backdrop. It is usually in the form of a roll paper. Backdrops are available in a variety of sizes and colours according to one’s preference. A backdrop requires support stands and a pole that is used to keep the backdrop in place. Lack of a backdrop does not mean that the photography set design is comprised. One can improvise by using a large sheet or piece of fabric. Black velvet is an excellent type of fabric because it possesses light absorbing qualities.

Set Design

  • The main light. This is the first light that needs to be considered while creating photography set design. It is important to use it with a diffuser or soft box. A soft box softens light in a way that shadows are somewhat not harsh. It also offers window-shaped catch lights to the eyes. The angle, distance and height are a vital part of the main light because they help a person get the look they want.

All of these lights should give you a great quality spot to start a professional photo shoot. Once you’ve got the basics down you can get into more advanced photo and lighting techniques and you can learn them all here at martin pelzer professional photography.

Wedding Photographer Tips for Brides

For a Bride to be, the most important day of their lives will be their wedding. Weddings pass in a blur and so much happens that it’s difficult to sort through the huge collection of memories generated. A photographer is the perfect way to capture some of those memories for all time. A wedding is only one day, and it pays to plan ahead and prepare so your photographer can do the absolute best job that they can do. The following are some tips on how to help your photographer give you the best pictures possible.

Setting might be the most important thing to consider and it’s not just the setting of the official photo shoot, but all the venues of the wedding where you might want pictures. Consider things like lighting and size of location. Lighting is the key to photography and each of the sites should have decent lighting. The better natural lighting can be achieved, the less equipment the photographer needs to bring with them. Space is a serious consideration. As a bride you may want to have photographs taken of you preparing for the big day. Consider the space once you have bridesmaids, mothers, makeup artists and additional friends packed into a room. Make sure there’s enough space for everyone to be comfortable as well as additional room for the photographer to maneuver in order to get the shots that they need.

An important thing to consider if planning to take pictures outside is an alternate indoor location in the event of foul weather. A little rain is considered good luck on your wedding day, but trying to take pictures in a rain storm is something that no one wants to do. Having a weather safe second option can save a ton of head ache on a wedding day.

Types of Pictures

wedding dresses

Your photographer will have certain types of shots that they are familiar with, but as the bride, come prepared with ideas and suggestions of your own. Meet with your photographer before hand to map out the types of pictures that you taken. The wedding day flies by extremely fast with many details to take into account and enjoy. The more planning that is done before hand, the smoother that the day will run it’s course. The types of group photos you want, with different groups is something that can be prepared ahead of time.

There are many more details to think about, but these are two simple things to consider about the locations where you want to take pictures. Thinking about a few of these things advance can help the wedding day run it’s course smoothly.

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Fun ideas for hiring a photo booth for a party

With photo booths very much the rage for parties at the moment, especially wedding parties, hiring a photo booth is almost a prerequisite to a successful and fun-packet event that you’ll remember for a long time to come. It goes hand in hand with your more traditional memories, such as your DVD and photo album. Thanks to the opportunities brought by the modern photo booth, quirky and whacky snaps can be taken of all your guests, providing great entertainment both at the time and afterwards! Here are some fun ideas for how to use the photo booth at your party:

photo booth hire party

Dressing up

Photo booths come with various props. Fancy dress, silly hats, false moustaches, wigs and over-sized glasses will make very interesting photos, especially when you combine people’s facial expressions. Plan your photo booth hire well in advance and tell your guests to come prepared. They may wish to bring their own costumes too. For full details on photo booth hire check out fun photo booth hire for full details.

Face painting and make-up

Many functions and parties are offering guests an eclectic mix of unusual entertainment these days, from pipe bands to caricature artists, not to mention the fabulous photo booth. Another great idea is to invite a face painting or make-up artist along. Get some of your guests painted or made up and then have them photographed in the booth. Not only will you capture the stunning make-up or face paint, but also their mood in response to how they look. It’s bound to be absolutely priceless!

Before and after

For more ‘normal’ shots in your photo booth, get your guests to have their photos taken in the booth as they arrive and then again at a later point into the evening, as everyone’s warmed-up, excited and tipsy! Capturing the ‘before’ and ‘after’ this way will be a great memory for your party as it unfolds and the shots will be very interesting, varied and entertaining.

Sing a song

Everyone likes a bit of a sing-song, even if they can’t sing. Ask your guests, either on their own, or in groups, to get into the booth and sing. You’re bound to get some really amazing photo snaps capturing people as they go for it, in full song! The more well-known and silly the song gets, the better! Great website for wedding songs is Best wedding songs who have a large list of the most popular songs for your event.

There are many creative ways to use a photo booth at your party. You may well come up with some additional ones and since every photo booth has staff to help run and organise things, you won’t have to worry about the logistics. All that remains for you to do is get your quality photo booth snaps and post them on Facebook or stick them in your album with captions and embellishments, to create the perfect memory of your big occasion.

A Strategy for Success in Photography.

Photography word is come from Greek word photo that use in sense of light and graphic mean to “Draw some thing” and in this science world as the technology change you can capture the world by pressing a single button by taking the photographer .Now a days in young generation most of young girls and boys take photography as career and interested in studying a photography in professional manner.

Now days we have number of priorities one of priorities is to make our occasion or function memorable so captured these moments in images and we want to haired best photographer that make our picture in different and in good presentable manner.


Following are different strategy For success in photography

One of question come in mind what is techniques that can be best for gaining success in photography and also become on top list in their photography career because there are numbers of photographer in every market but how you become a different from other photographers and graphs attraction of other and make your photography unique from other.

one of best way to use a photography as career: it’s very important being a photographer you should be a ambitious you must be a professional and you have full ideas about the strategists about photography for this you gain professional degree and also study about this work .you take it as career when you make it as career you must focus on all important techniques and you generate the idea more creatively than other photographer that just take it as intrest.when you take a photography as a career you feel more confident about your photography. As other career photography  also have some law and regulation that must be follow by photographer during capturing The scene so the photographer must have fully aware and have knowledge about all these thing and this is just possible when you should take a photography  career.

Business mind: one of other way to get a success in photography is that you are creative as well as mind for business. When you do work as business point of mind you put your all energies in it and you learn professional skill and you have full ideas about how to facilitate stock photography.

Use Different kind of stock photography most common macro stock, mid stock and micro stock micro stock is less expensive web stock photography. Photographer provide there by making contract from different photographer ageneses they give there photographs to photographer ageneses on contract basis and take half of commission. You should know the demand of customer and you have a command on your work

 How to sell and facilitate stock photography?

It’s one of important issue how to facilitate stock photography and impress your customers you give your photograph services by giving advertisement in magazine, in news paper and by web design .it’s important that you should use best format for providing your services. Provide online services and give full description about your photography that people attract to your services. You use new and funky words that attract and make your service different from other and upload your captured images in such a way every age of person attract.

USE Best Tools for photography: one of other essential thing in success in photography is which camera and lenses you are using .you must be use best model and use best online photo editor. Use high quality products.

There are now numbers of photography jobs for photographer with high salary

For photographer it’s very important that you must have competitive and creative and have full command on photography that only a key to get success in photography.